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Sorting Quiz!

Which house were you?

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1 Sorting Quiz! on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:39 pm

Q1. A kid at the party you're at throws a serious insult at the host of your favorite show, Joe Shmoe and the Attack of the Ninja Frogs. How do you react?

A. Ignore the comment, but don't plan on being friends with that kid.
B. Say, "I like Joe Shmoe" and leave the conversation.
C. Get mad at them!
D. Go talk to someone else, seeing as I know everyone.

Q2. You pick up an innocent-looking book from your bookshelves. You flip through it, and discover it has weird, bad pictures in it. How do you react?

A. Put the book back, but remember the title so you can deal with it later.
B. Tell a trusted grown-up. They can sort things out.
C. Make sure nobody is looking, then sneak the book into your recycle bin.
D. Put the book back and hope no one else finds it.

Q3. You listen to a song you love, and you hear a bad word used in it. How do you react?

A. Don't listen to the song anymore. I don't want to like music that's bad!
B. Ignore the word. I'm not going to let a little thing like that ruin a good song.
C. Stop listening to it, and know that you're never going to say a bad word as long as you live!
D. There's a bad word? The tune only registers with me.

Q4. Your favorite character in your favorite book does something you consider almost unforgivable. How do you react?

A. See how the story unfolds. Maybe he did it for a good reason.
B. Forgive them. Nobody's perfect.
C. Like him even better! He was too perfect anyway!
D. Get upset, and hope it's not in the movie.

Q5. You can't find your pet anywhere. You look everywhere, but you still can't find it. How do you react?

A. Double-check the places.
B. Tell your parents.
C. Set out some food. It'll find the food, and we'll have it back.
D. Burst into tears.

If you got mostly A's...
You're a Ravenclaw!
If you got mostly B's...
You're a Gryffindor!
If you got mostly C's...
You're a Slytherin!
If you got mostly D's...
You're a Hufflepuff!

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